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4th of july

$ 19.99

A novel about a police lieutenant takes leave from the force, after being sued for wrongful death.

50 wall street

$ 70.00

Fifty Wall Street a well established brokerage house of Kimbridge & Company. Where three men fight for
partnership. They not only want power and money but the prestige it brings. With power and prestige comes women.

a bintel brief

$ 25.00

A Bintel Brief by Isaac Metzker. About Jewish Life in America, beginning in 1880

a celebration

$ 15.00

Rebecca West a Celebration.  A collection of her many books in on volume

a civil tongue

$ 40.00

A Civil Tongue a novel by Edwin Newman , renown TV Journalist and Author. About people being uncivil/ or civil on the job through their misuse of language.

a dance with dragons

$ 45.00

George RR Martin’s novel A Dance With Dragons about Power, politics and wealth. Being able to maintain the political capital that is held. This is a fantasy where following a battle , the Seven Kingdoms is in danger of future attacks.

a dangerous grace

$ 12.00

A Dangerous Grace is a Religious Text by Charles Colson

a history of wales

$ 44.99

A History of Wales . For your reading pleasure of for information.

a history of western music

$ 75.00

Donald Jay Grout’s text A History of Western Music, takes a survey of the history of art music, also history of musical styles. That can only be learned by a study of music itself. All aspects of music history have been explored : forms, genres performance and more.

a hologram for the king

$ 25.00

A Hologram For The King by Dave Eggers . About an American man seeking economic concession in a foreign land.