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When we speak of a classic book we reflect on the quality of the story, the timelessness of the story , the value and enjoyment it brought to readers.Thus  allowing that  book ,its story and its author to transcend  through time. There are thousand of book in this category including Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.

  Journey to the Center of the Earth

Professor Trevor Anderson and his nephew Shawn their guide Anita  went on a journey to find the center of the earth. Needless to say they encountered extreme difficulties. They deeper they went into the earths crust the more bazaar the encounter. There was volcanic eruptions , hideous creatures to be seen as they pass through strange places. The creatures resemble dinosaurs . They seem to be motionless as volcanic activity roar to life around them. In that moment it occur to the professor and the others that they must escape or else pay the ultimate price.

The Tale of Two Cities

Journey To The Center Of The Earth a classic by Jules Verne.The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens  also stands out as having stood the test of time. It has a historical backdrop. The story set in the cities of London and Paris about the time of the French Revolution.Almost everyone will relate a book that begins with a quote “It was the best of times , it was the worst of times, it was the age of foolishness.” It was the season of light  and the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope and the winter of despair”. These lines express the tenure of the time.

The Ivory Charm

The Ivory Charm a Nancy Drew  mystery  tells the story of an Indian boy name Coya working for a travelling circus. Coya runs away from his guardian Rai and seeks asylum in Drews home. While there  mysteriously his parents and Rai  are revealed. The plot involves fire , theft and kidnapping. The Ivory Charm will save the day.

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alice of old vincennes

$ 97.50

This classic  describes life in the North West during the revolutionary period. period. America & France 1778.


$ 300.00

The story of a young man who struggled to overcome social habits and his own insecurities.
Eventually became a great scientist.

Before Scarlett

$ 50.00

Margret Mitchell a distinguished writer well known for her magical, all time great book Gone With The Wind. It is a love story to die for. And now years after her death, new writing are found and published.The new novel Before Scarlett, is  Margret’s  girl hood writings.


$ 1,570.00

Flush a Cocker Spaniel was born into wealth. His blood line goes back to the 1800. A dog belong to Elizabeth Barrett Brownings

flush by Virginia Wolf

$ 1,570.00

Flush a Cocker Spaniel was born into wealth. His blood line goes back to the 1800. A dog belong to Elizabeth Barrett Brownings

hard times

$ 80.00

Hard Times by Charles Darwin satires the social and economic conditions of eighteenth century England

jekyll and hyde

$ 59.99

Jekyll & Hyde a Classic Horror Story by Robert Louis Stevenson. “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a story of humans two sides good and evil. The evil side is usually triggered and heightened by chemicals, such as drugs.

journey to the center of the earth

$ 13.00

A professor, his nephew and an escort went on an adventure to the center of the earth.

tender is the night

$ 120.00

In the story of the Great Gatsby a mid-westerner comes to live on Long Island .His flashy lifestyle daunted his neighbors.
Tender is the Night a thriller.  about the romance of a young actress and an American Duke. Two classics in one book.

the black arrow

$ 59.99

The Black Arrow a Robert Louis Stevenson Classic, About conspiracy, deceit ,bribery and death during the 15 th Century War of the Roses.

the crock of gold

$ 140.00

The Crock of Gold by James Stephenson is a classic book based on philosophy and Irish Folklore.