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Novels are prose in book form.Novels impress readers and hold their attention because they have a convincing plot, style, a setting and well positioned characters. Thus leading to a compelling story.

Novels not only entertain, they inform, they marvel,they startle readers. They are of different genre , love, romance,horror, mystery,suspense , tragedy and more all covering life experiences whether  created in the form of fiction or real life stories. Writers usually specialize in a chosen genre.

Novels By Outstanding Authors

Stephen King for example is a master of horror novels.  as well as mystery. His name represent all things dark. Not to mention he is the king of terror in his field as an author.His novels pull you in and keep you on the edge of your seat maybe you will even have nightmares

His novel “Full Dark No Stars” tells a story of Wilfred and his wife moving on to inherited land. This action sets in motion a sequence of events that developed in terror and murder. Stephen Kings novel Full Dark No Stars is a must read, especially  for lovers of the horror novel. Get copies of used novels  now at

Danielle Steel another compelling American writer  specializes in romance novels. She is a best selling author with over 800 million books sold she also holds the record as a great fiction writer as well.She wrote 141 novels including “Jewel”.

Novels by   Danielle Steel

The novel Jewel is about love, happiness,passion,love found and love lost, as well as wealth  money and power. In the story the main character Sarah had love , wealth and power  which she lost and experienced extreme hardship. However she regained all and in the end she was triumphant. This and many more novels are available at

Novels by  James Patterson

James Patterson is another American author who  writes exciting crime novels like  Alex Cross, Maximum Ride and 4th of July among many other thrillers.

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4th of july

$ 19.99

A novel about a police lieutenant takes leave from the force, after being sued for wrongful death.

50 wall street

$ 70.00

Fifty Wall Street a well established brokerage house of Kimbridge & Company. Where three men fight for
partnership. They not only want power and money but the prestige it brings. With power and prestige comes women.

a bintel brief

$ 25.00

A Bintel Brief by Isaac Metzker. About Jewish Life in America, beginning in 1880

a celebration

$ 15.00

Rebecca West a Celebration.  A collection of her many books in on volume

a civil tongue

$ 40.00

A Civil Tongue a novel by Edwin Newman , renown TV Journalist and Author. About people being uncivil/ or civil on the job through their misuse of language.

a dance with dragons

$ 45.00

George RR Martin’s novel A Dance With Dragons about Power, politics and wealth. Being able to maintain the political capital that is held. This is a fantasy where following a battle , the Seven Kingdoms is in danger of future attacks.

a hologram for the king

$ 25.00

A Hologram For The King by Dave Eggers . About an American man seeking economic concession in a foreign land.

a jury of her peers

$ 16.00

The novel A Jury Of Her Peers presents a history of female writers. Introducing over 250 female writers. From well known names like Harriet Beecher Stowe to lesser known ones. They are all successful and have made their contribution to history.

a long way gone

$ 25.00

A Long Way Gone a novel by Ishmael Beah about Civil War in Sierra Leone. And how children are forced to become soldiers.

a man in full

$ 16.00

A Man In Full a fictional tale by Tom Wolfe about a young Atlanta native name Charlie Croker. Once he played football, now he a star of business.