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Literature and Language worth learning and saving

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a bintel brief

$ 25.00

A Bintel Brief by Isaac Metzker. About Jewish Life in America, beginning in 1880

adventures in american literature

$ 50.00

Adventures in American Literature by Edmund Fuller and B. Jo. Kinnick is a book of all forms of Literature including Modern Poetry, Modern Fiction, Non Fiction Modern Drama,and much more.


$ 55.00

The Aeneid of Virgil about the war between Troy and Greece.

african american folktales

$ 25.00

Roger D Abrahams African American Folktales teller. Relates stories of tricks. They are extremes that can be seen as very good or very bad, that depends on who tells or who receives the story.

angela’s ashes

$ 120.00

A memoir/biography of a Brooklyn New York born boy raised in Ireland and how he survived difficult early upbringings.

anna karenina

$ 135.00

Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina about love, faith, family, marriage. And yes betrayal.

arthur miller’s collected plays

$ 299.99

Arthur Miller’s Collected Plays : All My Sons, The Crucible,A Memory of Two Mondays,Death of a Salesman, and A View From The Bridge . All in one volume

biography of oscar wilde

$ 39.99

Oscar Wilde A Biography by Richard Ellmann. About the Irish Poets distinctive life and outstanding work. Like The Importance Of Being Earnest and An Idle Husband. The book has reflection and is very colorful.