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dear dear brenda

$ 19.99

Dear, Dear Brenda Love Letters of Henry Miller. He is a literary giant, whose work impacted twentieth-century literature. At the age of eighty, he met and fell in love with a beautiful young actress and dancer name Brenda Venus. And began writing to her daily.

edgar allan poe the murder of mary rogers

$ 27.00

Edgar Allan Poe The Murder Of Mary Rogers a novel by Daniel Stashower about the July 28,1841 murder of a young woman . A body found floating in New York’s Hudson River is the missing Cigar Girl Mary Rogers.Who done it? Read on to see.

flea market style decorating with a creative edge

$ 15.99

Emelie Tolley and Chris Mead’s Flea Market Style Decorateing With A Creative Edge. Part Collectors guide and part decorating manual. It combines a passion for shopping and home design. As it creates smart informed shoppers.

naked justice

$ 14.99

Naked Justice a novel by William Bernhardt about the murder of a Mayors family in Tulsa. Wallace Barrett is the first black Mayor of the City of Tulsa. His family is murdered , he becomes the prime suspect.

the burden of proof

$ 12.00

The Burden Of Proof a novel by Scott Turow about the death of Alejandro’s wife Clara. Upon returning from a business trip he discovers her body with a suicide note.

the laws of our fathers

$ 28.00

Murder in a housing project , probation officer a prime suspect.