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coal black horse

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The Coal Black Horse tells a story of life’s journey, of bravery, courage,boldness and self-possession.




Coal Black Horse


Robert Olmstead novel about Robert childs: He is fourteen in 1863. About the time of the Civil War. His mother sent him to bring his father home from the war zone. She learns of the murder of  Stone Wall Jackson  ,and  feel the war is over. Additionally, if Jackson is dead thats a bad omen. So she want her husband  home fast, out of this senseless battle.

So fourteen year old Robert is sent out to find his father. On the way  he gets a coal black horse, left by a dead man. The young boy had a rough time, on the way he experienced death, he narrowly escape death himself.Needless to say there is suffering,lawlessness and carnage, but he learns to survive fast. Continue the read, buy now



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