the black arrow


The Black Arrow a Robert Louis Stevenson Classic, About conspiracy, deceit ,bribery and death during the 15 th Century War of the Roses.

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The Black Arrow


Robert Louis Stevenson Classic The Black Arrow about events during the fifteenth Century’s War of the Roses. A time when  deceit , bribery lies , cheats ran wild, told  in a complicated plot. During the war a Richard Shelton , better known as Dick, a seventeen year old ward of a conspirator name Sir Donald Brackley.  Sir Donald made a business out of acquiring wardship of young wealthy heirs like Dick . In addition he arrange marriages for them and make money on the deal.

So Sir Donald was a double crosser, with loyalty to both warring armies. Lancaster and York. He changes loyalty according to his personal needs and desires. A  militant group  called Fellowship of The Black Arrow sent a note  via a black arrow, that caused Dick lots of concern about Sir Donald’s character. The note said they plan to kill the knight and some of his men. This cast suspicion on Sir Donald and his men. Are they involved in the death of Dicks father?. Get the book and continue to read. Buy it today.