the help


The Help Pprtraits African american maids working in Jackson Mississippi during the early 1960s. Story set in Jackson, Mississippi. Where a  southern Belle returns from college , all set to be a writer. However when she decides to interview black women working as helps for white families a brawl started in the community.

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The Help

Bestseller novel The Help by Kathryn Stockett tells the story of class structure between blacks and whites in 1960 Mississippi. The novel implied that black people were the helpers and the white people upper-class employers. When a white southern belle returned from college and decided to interview helpers. And to get a sense of their thinking,  it did not go over well with the community. Additionally, one helper spilled the beans about her employer. Skeeter the daughter of the white family who investigates relationships between help and employers talks with Aibleen.  She is helpful to the Leefolt family she is about to hear more than she bargains for. Buy this book now continue reading this history base novel.