the fourth hand


John Irving’s novel The Fourth Hand , a compelling story of Patrick Wellingford a journalist from New York, had his hand bit of by a lion. while on a mission in India.

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The Fourth Hand

The fourth hand a novel by John Irving has a theme of loss, love , grief and redemption.

Patrick Wellingford the main character, a  television journalist on location in India, had his left hand bit off by a lion. There is cameramen on spot but they cannot do much to help. Meanwhile the clip is seen live on Boston TV. The news dubbed  Wellingford the lion guy. To help ease hid pain an Indian doctor gave him a pill, banned in America and will be banned in India too. It eased his pain but made him more sexually active.

Not-with-standing his accident he has sex appeal, he has great features. Returning home Dr. Zajak performed the first hand transplant  surgery on him. What will happen next .. Well lets read on to find out . Order the book today.


the fourth hand