another part of the wood


Another Part of The Wood By Kenneth Clarke : a self Portrait. The story of a boy taking his life into his own hands and changed the direction of his life. From gambling, shooting parties, fun and more fun to a life of meaning and giving back.

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Another Part of the Wood



Kenneth Clark’s novel/biography Another Part of the Wood; a story of self reflection and self discovery.At age seven he fell in love with art,recognizing them and studying them. This focus took him away from  the life he had around him. His environment prior, full of parties, gambling , music halls , yachting and visits to the Rivera were  the moving force in his life. Needless to say the transformation through art landed in an art gallery , the National Gallery as Art Director. This is a story of curiosity , patience and perseverance all needed for success.  Buy this book its a motivator.

Another Part of The Wood , a novel by Kenneth Clarke