tender is the night


In the story of the Great Gatsby a mid-westerner comes to live on Long Island .His flashy lifestyle daunted his neighbors.
Tender is the Night a thriller.  about the romance of a young actress and an American Duke. Two classics in one book.

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Classics The Great Gatsby & Tender is the Night available at thebookchateau.com
the great gatsby

Tender is the Night &The Great Gatsby

Tender is the Night a classic by F Scott Fitzgerald , about a  love affair on the French Rivera in the 1920’s. An affair between Rosemary Holt and an American couple Dick and Nicole Diver. Dick is a psychiatrist; young and smart he is husband and doctor to Nicole. Needless to say her wealth supports his lifestyle. And not to mention undermines his  self-esteem , and will lead to his demise. Buy this classic now and continue to read.