the kings midwife


The Kings Midwife a biography/ novel ,explores the life of an enlightenment woman.
Madame du Coudray and her quest to end infant mortality. She trained, midwives, medical students including surgeons. Survey shows that 2/3 of medical establishment in France uses her teaching methods to train students.

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The Kings Midwife


Nina Rattner Gelbart’s novel The Kings Midwife about Angelique  Marguerite du Coudray . A woman that made her mark when she design training sessions for French Midwives. A self sufficient woman who lived in the time of Louis the XV. She had many gifts and used her strength to carve out power and influence in the male dominated world. Her courses used true to life mannequins to teach delivery methods. She also train surgeons,  in addition to midwives and other medical personnel.

Survey show that 2/3 of French Medical Establishments use her training methods.

The Kings Midwife a novel /biography available at the
the kings midwife