bullet park


Bullet Park a novel by John Cheever about Eliot and Tony Nailles and how Paul Hammer a drifter moves to their neighborhood with intent to murder one of them.

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bullet park


John Cheever’s novel about a suburb name Bullet Park where well to do people like Elliot Nailes and his son Tony live.  Also Elliot loves his wife and son very much. However a drunk Paul Hammer moves to the neighborhood. Needless to say, everyone sees him as a kind of drifter. So when he decides that a crucifixion in the area can save the world all is concerned. Not to mention the fact that that Elliot and his son learns that they are his target, he plans to murder Tony or Elliott. Continue the read. Buy now.

Bullet Park a novel by John Cheever, available at thebookchateau.com
bullet park