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Ann of Green Gables the Story of an orphan girl adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. They own a farm on Prince Edward Island.

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Anne of Green Gables


Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel Ann of Green Gables about Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. As a matter of fact they are also unmarried sibling that live on their ancestral farm Green Gables. In those days people had to be married to adopt children.They lived  in a quiet quaint little town of  Avolea in Prince Edward Island , Canada. Matthew is sixty and getting old to manage the farm. So they decide to adopt an orphan boy to help them. Needless to say their decision shocks the town and the gossip begins. Matthew feels nervous of women.  Can you imagine the terror he feels when he arrives at the train station to find an orphan girl. As a matter of fact they made a mistake. The Orphanage sent eleven year old Ann Shirley. She is talkative, spirited and charming. However  Matthew tells Marilla  he wants to keep her.

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