a woman of substance


A Woman of Substance a novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford. About Emma Harte Lowther Ainsley. A seventy eight year old woman that is rich and powerful. She is self reliant and ruthless. Money is her weapon and adversity her tool.

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A Woman of Substance

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s novel  A Woman of Substance. A rich and powerful woman Emma Heart  that is also self-reliant and ruthless. And uses money as weapon and for blackmail to achieve her purpose. In her poverty stricken youth Emma used her intelligence and her initiative to promote herself. Even though she was pregnant at fifteen and works as a maidservant, that setback did not prevent her progress. Needless to say Emma fled to a manufacturing town and here the cogs of machinery become the wheel of fortune for her. The fact of the matter is her she started a small food shop that grew into a large enterprise. Continue the read. Buy now

A Woman of Substance, a novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford, available at thebookchateau.com
a woman of substance