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the counterfeiters

$ 38.00

Andre Guide’s story the Counterfeiters has many plots. The main one seems  to address values, morality and issues of society including fitting in. Indicates teens have a difficult time being themselves.

the decline and fall of practically everybody

$ 50.00

The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody a rare novel by Will Cuppy. About how important people live their lives and eventually disappear from the lime light.

the exile

$ 92.00

The Exile by Pearl S. Buck a memoir/ biography of her mother Caroline Stulting Sydenstricker.

the guns of august

$ 100.00

The Guns of August by Barbara W Tuchman ; about the people and events that lead to WW1. How and why it started. Why it could be stopped but did not.

the little minister

$ 35.99

The Little Minister tells the story of the relationship of a poor Irish Minister of Religion to his congregation.

the luck of roaring camp

$ 240.00

The Luck of Roaring Camp tells the story of hard times and bad luck in the camps during the California gold rush. However the tide turned with the birth of Thomas Luck, the child of Cherokee Sal a fallen woman.

the mystery of the ivory charm

$ 149.99

The Mystery of the Ivory Charm , A Nancy Drew Classic Rare book . Tells the story of a daring rescue of a kidnapped boy.

the peabody sisters of salem

$ 69.95

The Peabody Sisters of Salem biography by Louise Hall Tharp. About a family including the Peabody Sisters, how they live their lives. And the contributions they made to their society. And yes there we challenge too.

the pleasures of peacock

$ 35.00

The Pleasure of Peacock a Rare novel edited by Ben Redman . A collection of seven novels in one book by Thomas Love Peacock.

the secret garden

$ 75.00

The Secret Garden a classic, rare novel by Francis Hodgson Barnett. A story about a Girl name Mary Lenox. A spoiled determined child.

the stories of the great west

$ 119.99

The Stories of The Great West contains all original stories about life, its ups and downs and triumph . All written by Theodore Roosevelt.

the sun also rises

$ 75.00

The Sun Also Rises is the story of American and British expatriates visiting the festival of San Fermin to watch the running of the bulls.

the three musketeers

$ 99.99

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas about three musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis who became very close friends. So much so they made sacrifices for each other. Needless to say they were loyal.

the tin drum

$ 350.00

The Rare Novel Tin Drum by Gunter Grass. About Oskar Matzerath ,a self made  Dwarf that lived through the birth & death of Nazi Germany.

the trumpet major

$ 30.00

The Trumpet Major a story by Thomas Hardy about a woman being courted by three competing suitors. Set against the back drop of a war between France and Britain.

the virginian

$ 15.00

Owen Wister’s novel The Virginian about When a Cowboy accuses a hardworking Virginian of cheating.
And yes one thing is sure an enemy is created.

the world of washington irving

$ 95.99

Van Wyck Brooks historical novel about The World of Washington Irving states that he was a literary writer who became known as The Father of American Literature. During the 1800- 1840- there was a review of American Literature , to determine its standard and the focus was on Washington Irving among others.

through the looking glass

$ 45.00

Through the Looking Glass a novel by Lewis Carroll : About Alice’s further adventures as she moves through a mirror and into another world.