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a tale of two cities

$ 299.99

A of Two Cities; A Charles Dickens classic set in two famous cities London and Paris. It was an incredibly good and bad time during the French Revolution. ” It was the best of times and the worst of Times”.

back to methuselah

$ 200.00

Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw has many interpretations . Some people says its science fiction. Its explains the biblical story of Adam and Eve. And some say its an appeal to The Queen of England to stop oppression of the poorer and needy in England. You have a voice too buy the book and have your say.

ciceros coration

$ 45.00

Cicero’s Oration a novel .Topic speeches to the Roman Senate in sixty three BC.

droll stories

$ 250.00

Droll Stories by Honore’ de Balzac. A book of short humorous stories’ .He is a French novlist and also a playwright.


$ 1,500.00

Drums by James Boyd is a historical fiction about the American Revolution. Additionally it carries a personal story of Johnny Fraser a boy from North Carolina who joined the war.

foma gordeyev

$ 75.00

This novel tells the story of the rise and fall of the merchant class  in Russia before the twentieth century.

from the terrace

$ 70.00

From The Terrace a novel by John O’Hara , about America in the first half century. It chronicles one man’s rise to wealth,power and prominence.

golden tales of anatole france

$ 50.00

A Collection of amusing golden stories from Anatole France. His genius is in short story writing.

i michelangelo sculptor

$ 39.50

Letters written by Michelangelo arranged in chronological order so form an Autobiographical portrait.


$ 150.00

Melville : a novelist , short story writer and whaler.

my stories that i like best

$ 40.00

My Story That I Like Best by Edna Ferber ,Irvin S. Cobb and Peter B Kyne . A collection of stories by some of the the best writers.

myths everychild should know

$ 75.00

Myths Every Child Should Know a rare novel by Hamilton Wright Marbie . It a selection of famous Timeless Myths.

new arabian nights and other stories

$ 55.00

New Arabian Nights and Other Stories by Robert Louis Stevenson is a Rare Classic packed with the best stories by the author.

Representative Man

$ 35.00

Representative Man is one of Frederick R Karl biographies that focuses on the experiences of renown writers including Franz Kafka, William Faulkner and George Eliot. Buy used copy at

selected short stories thomas hardy

$ 520.00

Thomas Hardy Selected Stories a rare novel. An English writer of the naturalist movement. Born in Dorchester, Wessex, England. He writes from his imagination and from tradition.

Short Cruises

$ 50.00

W.W Jacobs novel Short Cruises a collection of short stories including Mix Relations and Distant Relative

sons and lovers

$ 165.00

The Novel Sons and Lovers by D.H Lawrence about a Son who has a difficult time maintaining a relationship with women because his mother gets in the way.Meanwhile he and his mothers relationship is great.

swann’s way

$ 60.00

Swann’s Way novel by Marcel Proust. The story begins with the narrator trying to remember and understand his past. Including his experiences and his memories.

the adventures of augie march

$ 240.00

Saul Bellows Novel The Adventures of Augie March; About a young man without a vision, who wonders around aimlessly. Often getting into trouble.

the alexandria quartet

$ 600.00

The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell is actually a tetralogy of novels.That is many novels together. They are about events before and during the second world war.