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a mediterranean feast

$ 75.00

A Mediterranean Feast a cookbook by Clifford A Wright . Its about the founding of the celebrated Mediterranean foods, spices, recipes . This book contains over 500 of those recipes

america cooks

$ 65.00

America Cooks. The General Federation of Women’s Club CookBook. This complete and new all-purpose cookbook comes packed with over 3,500 tested recipes. One of the best cookbooks to be published in a generation. Great for all cooks, beginners, or experienced.

american cooking

$ 65.00

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Cooking captures the diversity of American cuisine. This volume has more than five thousand recipes of family favorites.

better homes and gardens new cook book

$ 175.00

Better Homes and Garden, New Cook Book. Is more than a cookbook . It is an instruction manual for your garden, your pantry, cooking instructions with thousand of menu and recipes on how to prepare meats, pastas, salads soups, desserts and more

campbell’s creative cooking

$ 39.99

Campbell’s Creative  Cooking with Soup . Over 19,000 delicious Mix and Match Recipes

gourmet recipes made easy

$ 35.00

Better Homes and Gardens Gourmet Recipes Made Easy. This book simplifies how to blend ingredients successfully as well as using step-by-step photos as a guide in preparing gourmet meals.

julia child & more company

$ 110.00

Julia Child & More Company has all the recipes that Julia demonstrates on Television on her second cooking for company series and more. Get it today

new york times cook book

$ 70.00

New York Times Cook book by Craig Claiborne  lessons in meal preparation.

one thousand low fat recipes

$ 35.99

This cookbook 1000 Low Fat is particularly for  people that want to eat healthy, to improve health. So the recipes are with reduction in fat,sodium and sugars. All recipes show nutritional value, preparation and cooking time as well as the ease of making the dish.

practical fish and seafood cookery

$ 18.80

Practical Fish & Seafood Cookery offers dishes from filling soups, to light snacks and salads as well as fabulous dinners.

super cookery wok & oriental

$ 15.99

Super Cookery Wok & Oriental Cookbook, has an abundance of Chinese and Asian recipes that will delight your palate. There are quick stir fry recipes  as well as tasty soups and snacks as well.

thailand the beautiful cookbook

$ 39.99

Thailand The Beautiful Cookbook : Recipes and Menu from all regions of Thailand