the water mirror


Can a fourteen year old orphan girl use the knowledge and skill she learned from a Magic Mirror Maker to save her protected world? read the novel
The Water Mirror by Kai Meyer to find out.



The Water Mirror

Kai Meyer’s  novel The Water Mirror about fourteen year old Mearle. An orphan girl. An apprentice to a mirror maker.Mearle is happy to do this job. Getting away from the orphanage and besides Arcimbldo her craft master is a magician. It is exciting to be close to magic she thought. She has to travel far to the dark end  of town , near the shadowy canal but she don’t worry her friend Juniper is with her.

Mearle has a mirror secret  as a baby she is set adrift on the Venetian Canal  and left on gift by her absent parents. A Magic Water Mirror. How will she use it ?