midnight whispers


Midnight-Whispers by V.C Andrews a horror story about a girl whose parents met a tragic death. She is sent to live with an aunt and uncle,very soon after her arrival her uncle began going to her bedroom in the middle of the night.

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Midnight Whispers

Christie can’t help feeling as if a dark cloud hangs over her, as well as over Cutlers Cove. A cloud that originates with her family’s troubled past. And also, the many questions that no one can answer, not even Dawn. Only one person can chase away her blues . Needless to say only Daddy Jimmy’s young and handsome stepbrother he is the only one that fits the bill. Then in one harsh night fiction becomes reality. As a matter of fact Christie’s world crumbles forever. She is in shock to discover her uncle’s not so brotherly love for her mother, but even worse is the manner in which he looks at Christie.

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