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In the 1930’s Joe became known as one of the greatest baseball players. In this ground breaking biography the author speak of the person we have never met. A hardworking, determined individual.

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A Biography of Joe Dimaggio The Heroe's Life used books available at

Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio played baseball during the 1930,about the time of the great depression. He signed with the New York Yankees for $25,000.per game less than he desires. However it’s a time when public sentiment is not on his side . People are concerned about pocket -book issues than entertainment. He also played with the San Francisco Stealers, where he hit 61 consecutive games for them. Likewise  to continue his winning streak  1939 , got his first American MVP Award.  Additionally 1941 sets a Major  League record 56 games hit streak. Followed by the crowning glory Hall of Fame in 1955.