warriors at suez


This book passionately describes the way Britain, France and Israel seize control of the suez canal, ultimately allowing America to take control.



Warriors At Suez

Warriors At Suez, Eisenhower, takes America into the Middle  East. Donald Neff  takes in a critical time in the life of American history. For a very long time European countries particularly Britain and France  tried to find a shorter route to the east. So cutting a path through Egypt, the Suez canal is for many reasons better, than a journey around the cape of good hope.At the southern tip of Africa. Although France and Britain benefits a lot, Egypt ends up the looser. While Israel, France and Britain plots, a lot of problems evolve elsewhere.These include with Russia and the United States of America. As a result, President D Eisenhower uses caution while preparing to use US forces for a possible third world war.