warriors at suez


This book passionately describes the way Britain, France and Israel seize control of the suez canal, ultimately allowing America to take control.

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Warriors At Suez

Warriors At Suez, Eisenhower, takes America into the Middle East. Donald Neff takes in a critical time in the life of American history. For a very long time European countries particularly Britain and France tried to find a shorter route to the east. So, cutting a path through Egypt, the Suez Canal is for many reasons better, than a journey around the cape of good hope. At the southern tip of Africa. Although France and Britain benefit a lot, Egypt ends up the looser. While Israel, France and Britain plots, a lot of problems evolve elsewhere. These include with Russia and the United States of America. As a result, President D Eisenhower uses caution while preparing to use US forces for a possible third world war.