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Textbooks provide information and knowledge on almost every subject. As a matter of fact we  at The Book Chateau have in stock used textbooks on many subjects . As  good for college  students, teachers and professors alike. These textbooks can be used for classes  as enrichment materials  or to supplement a regular text.

The stock of used books include:


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a dangerous grace

$ 12.00

A Dangerous Grace is a Religious Text by Charles Colson

a history of western music

$ 75.00

Donald Jay Grout’s text A History of Western Music, takes a survey of the history of art music, also history of musical styles. That can only be learned by a study of music itself. All aspects of music history have been explored : forms, genres performance and more.

abnormal psychology and modern life

$ 35.00

Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life a textbook by James C Coleman focuses on Abnormal Behavior, correcting such behaviors as well as adjustment made in our modern life

advanced abnormal psychology

$ 90.00

A comprehensive Textbook of Advanced Abnormal Psychology including classification of disorders and review of DSM IV

an atlas of cross sectional anatomy

$ 40.00

Stephen A Kieffer’s textbook An Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy is excellent for students of radiology, and medical students in general . It displays computed tomography, ultrasound, radiography and gross Anatomy.

An Introduction to robot technology

$ 49.99

An Introduction to Robot Technology by Philippe Coiffet and Michael Chirouze . Another branch of technology that will interrupts our lives. This text is great for electrical engineering students, mechanical engineering and engineering professionals.

applied therapeutics

$ 110.00

Applied Therapeutics , The Clinical Use of Drugs (7th Edition) by Mary Anne Koda ; a textbook of caring for patients and how to clinically use drugs.

back to the earth

$ 10.00

Back to the Earth an Introductory Course in Archaeology. By John P Staeck Great for first college course.

bankable business plan, entrepreneurial ventures

$ 39.99

A Finance Textbook  Bankable Business Plans For Entrepreneurial Ventures with a forward by Jeff Bezos founder and CEO of Amazon. Focuses on building, managing and running a business. Buy this textbook now at The Book Chateau


$ 15.00

This Textbook of Calculus with Analytic geometry . Calculus can be applied in many areas , of life and as a tool in areas other than mathematics.

cell a molecular approach

$ 60.00

The Cell , A Molecular Approach by Geoffrey M Cooper. Textbook written for students at Undergraduate level. Particularly for study in medicine and molecular biology.


$ 45.00

Chemistry a textbook by Masterton, Slowinski/Walford . A text for beginners, High School or anyone interested in starting the learning process of chemistry.

Child psychology

$ 99.50

Child Psychology by Ross Vista, Scott A Miller and Shari Ellis is a college level course. Appropriate for undergraduate psychology curriculum. The text is written to serve instructors needs and to maximize students learning.