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a history of wales

$ 44.99

A History of Wales . For your reading pleasure of for information.

a history of western music

$ 75.00

Donald Jay Grout’s text A History of Western Music, takes a survey of the history of art music, also history of musical styles. That can only be learned by a study of music itself. All aspects of music history have been explored : forms, genres performance and more.

adolf hitler

$ 150.00

Adolf Hitler a biography by John Toland (1976) is compiled from interviews by people closely associated with Hitler and his crimes.As well as many people who opposed it.

alexander hamilton

$ 25.50

Ron Chernow’s biography Alexander Hamilton.  The author brings to life the man that is the principal designer of the federal government, the stock exchange, and America’s two-party system of democracy. The most important man in America’s politics that did not become president.

alexander to actium

Alexander To Actium The Historical Evolution of The Hellenistic Age a text by Peter Green

all the presidents men

$ 130.00

All The Presidents Men is the story of Watergate and President Nixon. As told by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the journalist who broke the story.

ambassador’s journal

$ 67.50

John Kenneth Galbraith Text Ambassador’s Journal. This Journal is a historic account of Galbraith’s tenure as Ambassador of India. He is appointed by President Kennedy in 1960. And served at his pleasure.

arguably essays christopher hitchens

$ 24.94

Christopher Hitchens book Arguably Essays top -class. For decades he writes about tolerance, reason as well as skepticism that define and inform the foundations of our civilization. They are about politics. culture. And yes past and present issues

catherine of argan

$ 28.00

Catherine of Aragon a history text by Garrett Mattingly about a dynamic,courageous and beautiful woman Catherine of Aragon and also wife of Henry the eight of England. As well as daughter of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand and of Spain.


$ 65.00

Citizens a history Text by Simon Schama . About the French Revolution. The transformation that altered the history of Europe.

courage and consequence karl rove

$ 19.99

Courage And Consequence Karl Rove. About his work as a conservative politician. His work and effort in strengthening the GOP base. And winning seats, particularly in Texas.


$ 15.00

Duty the biography of Robert M Gates is a story of a man who is a true patriot. He came out of retirement to serve.


$ 80.00

Eisenhower 1943-1945 written by his grandson David Eisenhower is intended to reshape our thinking about the second world war.

franklin delano roosevelt a rendezvous with destiny

$ 35.50

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A Rendezvous With Destiny. A biography by Frank Friedel. About the life and times of the man. He is considered the greatest President of all times. An outstanding world leader of the twentieth century.


$ 29.99

Hamilton a Biography by Richard Sylla. This richly illustrated biography portrays Alexander Hamilton’s fascinating life. As well as his contribution to American history.

hands on the freedom plow

$ 30.00

Hands on the Freedom Plow is a history by Personal Accounts of Women in SNCC. About the voter campaigns, the sit-ins, freedom rides,the march on Washington 1963 the freedom summer movement and more all in the fight for Civil Rights .

harry s truman

$ 50.00

Harry S Truman’s biography is a comprehensive coverage of his life’s work written by his daughter Margret Truman. From his early political life in Missouri to the corridors of Washington.