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creative paint workshop

$ 28.99

Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists. By Ann Baldwin. Whether you have formal training in painting or no experience at all. This workshop-style book is a perfect guide for all artists.

creativity for graphic designers

$ 12.99

Creativity For Graphic Designers by Oldach. Offers advice on how to develop ideas into concepts relating to designs. And communications, how to brainstorm. Also how to develop a sales strategy.

graphic design inspiration and innovations

$ 18.99

Graphic Design Inspirations and Innovations by Diana Martin. A tribute to the power of ideas and the creative process.

here at the new yorker

$ 29.99

Here At The New Yorker by Brendan Gill. Gives an affectionate account of the magazine, long known as a home for congenital unemployable. In other words, the magazine celebrates its people. Among them Harold Ross and William Shawn as Editors. The author writes plays, short stories, book reviews, poems, and yes talk of the town pieces as well.

history of the theatre

$ 59.99

History Of The Theatre by Oscar G. Brockett. Address topics like the origins of the theatre, theatre and drama in Ancient Greece and so much more.

i can draw cartoons

$ 19.00

I can Draw Cartoons -A-step-by-Step-Introduction-to Drawing-Fantastic Cartoons- byPaul B Davies, Kevin Faerber, et al. You have entered the crazy world of cartoons. Where anything can happen. However you are under the guidance of expert cartoonists.

the graphic design portfolio

$ 15.00

The Graphic Design Portfolio how to make a good one. By Paula Scher. This book is a practical guide to making your own portfolio. There are real-world assignments, illustrations, As well as portfolio pieces by students.

the guggenheims

$ 39.99

The Guggenheims, An American Epic by John H Davis. About one of the richest and most influential families in history. The name is all over our culture with symbols like the Guggenheim Museum, Philanthropy, and their contribution to politics.