swann’s way

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Swann’s Way novel by Marcel Proust. The story begins with the narrator trying to remember and understand his past. Including his experiences and his memories.

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Swann’s Way


Marcel Proust novel a story about his early years , begins with the narrator recalls  and sort through his past. Also the effort set in motion by the taste of madelene soaked in tea.In turn the moderator thinks of his own life, lead him to the past of Charles Swann a family friend. The narrator knew him as a child by memory and

imagination.His love affair with Coquette Odette. The narrator gains insight into his life and the nature of love itself. Additionally Marcel is born in the French Town Combray, inspired by periodic memory , to write and to dismiss his fear.


Swann's Way a rare novel , by Marcel Proust, available at thebookchateau.com


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