back to methuselah

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Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw has many interpretations . Some people says its science fiction. Its explains the biblical story of Adam and Eve. And some say its an appeal to The Queen of England to stop oppression of the poorer and needy in England. You have a voice too buy the book and have your say.

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Bach to Methuselah


George Bernard Shaw’s rare novel Back to Methuselah is a masterpiece that start with a discussion of Adam and Eve finding a  fawn in the garden of Eden. So now the deduction is human kind will die. On the other hand Adam is bored with the idea of eternal life. Some feel that mean he  has a higher level of thinking or expressions of the mind. Adam disposes of the fawn and the serpent awakens and tell Eve that birth can over come death. She also tells Eve of Lilith who gave birth to Adam and Eve by tearing herself apart. And that it takes two to give birth. Adam leaves, the serpent tells Eve of the great secret of life and birth. Give you take on this story continue the read. Buy now.

Back to Methuselah a rare novel by Bernard Shaw

back to methuselah


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